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Contributors Guidelines

What do we need?
We are always after interesting stories on all aspects of kayaking: sea, whitewater, fishing, surfing, sit-on-top family fun, multisporter, canoe polo, clubbing activities from within New Zealand or overseas.

All articles need to have good accompanying photos.

We like to have stories of differing lengths and styles. Be as brief as a couple of sentences or hold readers’ attention with up to 1,500 words.
Adrenalin rush whitewater activity can make a photo essay with only 200 words and cover two pages.
Brief, pithy stories of 500 – 800 words on a day spent catching Kingies will make one to two pages depending on the quality and interest of the pictures.
Detailed, descriptive, action packed weekend or week long journeys could make a two to three page article of 1000 – 1500 words.

As well as accounts of specific trips or adventures, we are interested in: “Destination” pieces, “Technical” articles, Book Reviews, Kayak Cookery recipes, Kayak Camping tips, whether ‘snippet sized’ or two page.

We’d like to know what’s happening in your district or sport. If we have early warning we’ll publish information in our “What’s On” page.

Tips on writing:
Avoid the blow-by-blow type of account – the day one, day two monologues.
Is anyone really interested in what you had for breakfast or the boring car trip to the put in?
Look for a slant, an angle that will make YOUR trip, experience and story different from all the other tales of Lake Tarawera.
Capture the reader’s interest from the first paragraph. Try reading your script out loud. Is it exciting, gripping? Weave the interesting aspects of your paddle or adventure into your story – don’t make a list.
Take your readers with you by reliving your experience, let them get water in their eyes, or have a heart in mouth feeling when the surf broke or the dolphins played.
Remembers the “six wise men” – Who, Where and When, followed by What happened, and How this developed, ending with Why you have been reading this.
Check your facts – especially the spelling of place names, fish, birds and trees and check that DoC or Regional Council details are up to date.
Use the English(UK) or (New Zealand) spell check!

How to send material:

Manuscripts should be typed, in a plain font such as Times Roman 12pt. At the end, note the word count, and put your name and contact details – phone, email and postal address.

Conclude with a list of captions for each photos, map or diagram. If you are not the photographer or artist, note who took the picture and make sure you have their permission to submit it for publication.

Either email stories as a Microsoft word file or put on a CD.

Digital images are preferably received on CD or e-mail as a high resolution (300dpi or 1.2mb) jpg at full size. Do not sent “the lot”, but rather select your top ten. Remember to take vertical (portrait format) as well as horizontal (landscape format) shots. We always need front cover pictures!

Identify your slides/prints/digital images with a reference number/name that relates to your photo captions at the end of your script. If saving a digital image, use the caption as the file name. (Shes a beauty.jpg)

Thanks for your interest in our magazine.
Without contributors like you there would not be a N.Z. magazine devoted to the sport of kayaking.
We welcome feedback – thoughts, ideas, comments on what you do like, would like, or don’t like in the magazine.

Subeditor: James Fitness
               [email protected]
               0275 414474

15 Okura River Road, RD 2 Albany 0792. Phone: 09 476 7066

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